Care coordination

Northwest Pediatric Center offers care coordination services to patients and families who may need a little more support. Our care coordinator, Emily Wakefield, MSW, is available to help families who have children with special or critical healthcare needs. The care coordinator also provides support and resources for parents who are dealing with multiple challenges, including:

    • Scheduling your child’s specialist and follow-up appointments
    • Connecting you with community resources, including food, housing, and transportation
    • Making sure you have the supplies you need for your child’s care
    • Helping you navigate the medical system after an emergency-room, inpatient or specialist visit

Partnering with you we can provide team-based care to support your child’s development, including their social, emotional, physical, and mental-health needs. If you or someone you know could benefit from our care-coordination services, call our clinic at 360- 736-6778 and ask to speak with Emily.



Emily Wakefield, MSW

Emily joined Northwest Pediatric Center in 2020 and is excited to be a part of a team helping children and families grow. Born in Kentucky, Emily moved to the Pacific Northwest as a child, where she quickly found a second home on the soccer field, playing for school and rec teams through high school and college. From a young age, she’s enjoyed volunteering with children and older adults.

Emily is passionate about children becoming lifelong learners; their families having the resources to encourage this growth; and fostering an attitude of connection between generations.

When not working, Emily enjoys hiking, camping and exploring, often with her dogs. Gracie is a tiny but mighty pound puppy and Fergus is a large, goofy golden doodle who lives to play ball. She also loves to cook, garden and travel.