Care coordination

Northwest Pediatric Center offers care coordination services to patients and families who may need a little more support, including:

    • Scheduling your child’s specialist and follow-up appointments
    • Connecting you with community resources, including food, housing, and transportation
    • Making sure you have the supplies you need for your child’s care
    • Helping you navigate the medical system after an emergency-room, inpatient or specialist visit

Partnering with you, we can provide team-based care to support your child’s development, including their social, emotional, physical, and mental-health needs.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our care-coordination services, call our clinic at 360-736-6778.


Community health workers

NWPC’s community health worker (CHW) provides support and resources for parents who are dealing with multiple challenges. CHWs connect diverse and underserved populations to health and social-service systems. As health influencers within their communities, CHW work to reduce social and racial disparities in healthcare.

For more information, visit Washington State Department of Health’s Community Health Worker Program website.

Tiffany Trusty, community health worker