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In this new video, Dr. Aaron Dalan talks about how the nationwide healthcare provider shortage is affecting Northwest Pediatric Center patients and providers.


Before your next appointment

    • Thankfully, the number of winter respiratory illnesses is declining. Therefore, beginning April 9, 2023, our Sunday night walk-in clinic will close for the spring and summer months. It will reopen in the fall, when seasonal need increases. Fortunately, plenty of appointments are available during the week and you can also visit during the walk-in hours on weeknights and Saturday mornings to help meet your child’s needs.
    • Beginning April 1, 2023, NWPC will no longer require patients or family members to wear face masks, except:
      • Patients or family members with respiratory symptoms such as cough, runny nose, or fever, or who’ve had a confirmed exposure to COVID or influenza. These individuals will need to wear masks before entering the clinic or they can check in from their car.
      • Patients with suspicious rashes that could be chickenpox or measles must remain in their cars and check in from there.
    • Meet our newest provider, Keedra Giraldi
    • Get copies of your child’s immunization record
    • We are not accepting new patients [except the siblings of existing patients]

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