Autism/SMART-team evaluation

Securing a timely evaluation for children with a potential diagnosis of autism-spectrum disorder is challenging and, at times, overwhelming. Wait lists for these evaluations are long and families must prepare and provide enormous amounts of information.

SMART (School Medical Autism Review Team), part of the Lewis County Autism Coalition, was launched to address this very issue. SMART, comprising professionals from various fields, including medical, early intervention, school, occupational therapy (OT), and speech, meets monthly at Northwest Pediatric Center in Centralia. You can download the SMART packet from the Lewis Co. Autism Coalition’s website.

When your child is referred to SMART, the team evaluates information from all areas of your child’s experience, including school, daycare, early intervention, speech, OT, and the patient’s medical provider. The team, which includes a neurodevelopmentalist, then evaluates the information and makes recommendations about the best next steps to support you and your child’s success in school and life. If a child needs further evaluation for possible autism-spectrum disorder, SMART’s neurodevelopmentalist will meet with that child in a timely manner, avoiding the usually long autism-evaluation wait times.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Shawn Tso at 360-736-6778